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The Autism Clinical Instrument (ACI) is available for free download for clinical, scientific, and educational purposes and not for commercial use.  Development of the ACI is an ongoing process.  As new versions emerge, they will be posted to this website.  The ACI is intended to be used by health care professionals only.  If you are concerned that you, or a friend or relative, have an autism spectrum disorder, please discuss these concerns with your family doctor.  The ACI is a copyrighted instrument, and use of the ACI must follow these guidelines: 1) Reprints or reproductions of the ACI must include the copyright at the bottom (© 2011 Yale Child Study Center.  All Rights Reserved).  No modifications can be made to items or instructions without permission from the author.  Parties interested in reproducing the ACI in print (e.g., a book or journal article) or electronically (e.g., as part of electronic medical records or software packages) must contact the author (use the form below) to request permission.  The ACI is currently being translated into different languages.  If you are interested in translating it into another language and/or piloting its use in another language, please contact the author).

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